17 OCT | ECOSWEEE Webinar – Stakeholder workshop on best practices for collection systems

We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming webinar, where we will be sharing invaluable insights from the ECOSWEEE Project. Join us to discuss what are best practices in the field of small WEEE and batteries collection and how they can be replicated.

Through this webinar, we aim to shed light on successful collection initiatives in 9 EU Member states (+ the UK, CH, and NO) and the learnings from their implementation. Furthermore, we will present the findings from a customer survey we conducted in several Member States, providing valuable data on consumer behaviour towards such collection efforts and their points of view on how to incentivize the increase of the collection of small WEEE and batteries. Anyone interested in the collection of small WEEE and batteries should not miss this opportunity to learn, connect, and share your own insights!

Please contact us at info@ecosweee-life.eu​ ​in case you have any doubts or questions about the Ecosweee Webinar.

ECOWSEEE project organized its first Advisory Board (AB) meeting

On Monday 26 June, the ECOWSEEE project organized its first Advisory Board (AB) meeting. The AB is composed of 10 representatives of stakeholder groups, thought leaders and high-level experts who will provide critical advice and guidance on the planning of activities, on the tasks and the results delivered by the project, and on the implementation of the pilots and possible replicability in other Member States. They will also support the development of recommendations for policymakers and assist in the dissemination of project’s results.

Participants to the meeting discussed the project’s objectives and activities and the synergies between the AB members and the ECOSWEEE project, underlining the possible exchange of information and joint benefits. A second AB meeting will be organized in October.