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A fee that is displayed on the invoice or receipt at the point of purchase of an EEE or battery,
representing the financial contribution of the producer to a
compliance scheme that manages the product at the end-of-life.

Consumers pay a deposit at the time of purchase of an EEE, which is refunded when the UEEE/WEEE or waste battery is returned.

Italy – Deposit Return System

  • The “Deposit Return System” pilot by Erion aims to boost the collection of small IT appliances and portable batteries in two Media World retail shops in Milan. Running from May to September 2024, the pilot engages consumers by offering a refundable deposit added to the price of devices, which is returned upon bringing back a small WEEE or battery with a receipt. Additionally, participants receive a shopping voucher as a non-monetary incentive. The initiative targets 500 consumers, aiming for 250 active participants, and includes a communication campaign with in-store information points, posters, and social media engagement. Data on participation and collected waste will be analyzed to assess the pilot’s effectiveness in increasing recycling rates.